Hatha Yoga
Start your day full of energy !!!

The word “Yoga” is from the sanscrit “Yug” and means union.
Hatha Yoga is an Indian discipline, and help the body and mind to keep connected reaching a balance between both part.

Via the practice of Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing awareness), and Dhyana (meditation), in each practice we propose to clean and purify all the body systems to eliminate the obstructions of the energy flow, as well as the nervous system and the chemical balance of our brain. Not only the physical strength and body resistance are improved with the Yoga practice, it also helps to better our mental state and emotions.

The classe is focusing on knowing ourself from auto-observation. Each sequence is energetically designed and balanced to work on the organs, muscles, to deal with emotions, and to connect with the inner self quality of each and every one consciously.

“I like to focus on the body alignment, and work on the muscular balance, through the breathing and mental clarity, progressively and injury free”

Come and try our Hatha Yoga class taught by Adriana Delfin, Yoga Master certified with 800 hours of Hatha Yoga with Jñana Dakini / Yoga Espacio at Mexico City, one of the most committed Yoga School in the country.

Price :

Wednesday – Free Yoga Class at Beds-Friends Hostel 8 am Private Classes – 90 minutes

$300 MXN per person
$500 MXN per couple
$1000 MXN per group of 4 persons

Plan your class with us, you won’t regret it !